Vampires 1979

Three boys watch horror films on late night TV and let their imaginations run wild seeing a man in a local cemetery who they believe to be a vampire.

Bella Dilemma: Drei sind einer zu viel

Bella Dilemma: Drei sind einer zu viel 2013

Bella is in a dilemma: She lives with her ex Martin and her new boyfriend Sebastian in a shared flat. Neither does she dare to pour Martin pure wine, nor to quit. Just when Bella has come to an end to the secrecy, a bad news arrives by phone: Two very good, mutual friends of Bella and Martin have been fatally injured. They leave Tom, a two-year-old boy. Bella does not hesitate: Martin and her will take care of the boy. But how should that work in the WG? And what about Bella's relationship with Sebastian?

Top of the Hill

Top of the Hill 1980

Michael Stone is a rising company executive decides to chuck his career and marriage to fulfill a fantasy to be a member of the U.S. Olympic bobsled team to partake in the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid.

Nick Quarry

Nick Quarry 1968

A 10 minute demo reel for a proposed TV series based on the Tony Rome PI movies. With an original score by Jerry Goldsmith.

The Going Up of David Lev

The Going Up of David Lev 1973

A ten-year-old Israeli boy whose father died years earlier during the Six-Day-War is determined to find out more about his father's death. He skips school and, with the help of a friendly cab driver, heads to Jerusalem to find the men who fought with his father's unit and learn the exact circumstances. During the drive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the cabbie provides a history of the establishment of the Jewish state


Boomerang 1974

Originally broadcast on public television in Amarillo, TX, Richard Serra’s BOOMERANG features Nancy Holt framed in a medium shot with a pair of headphones on her ears. We observe her as she speaks and then hears her words relayed back to her through a delayed transmission. Remarkably eloquent for one caught in such a feedback loop, Holt provides a monologue on experiencing time, thought, and oneself through technology. She remarks, “I have a double take on myself. I am once removed from myself … we are hearing and seeing a world of double reflections and double refractions.”

Duel for Three

Duel for Three 1996

Divorced couple receives a farewell VHS cassette from their son who voluntarily joined military forces in Bosnia. Only then they realize whole futility of their lives.